Datamine Free data! Free software! Free images! The datasets below are compiled from published sources and from researchers who are generous enough to share their unpublished or raw measurmements.

SOFTWARE free & open source programs for data analysis
imageJ image analysis software from NIH
R powerful statistics and general computing software. Get R Studio & TinnR while you're at it.
Kinovea video analysis software, excellent for biomechanics
Mesquite phylogenetic analysis. You might also try Mr. Bayes, Beast, PAUP, and MacClade
For more options check out this comprehensive list of phylogenetic analysis programs

DATA life history & energetics
Database for Indigenous Cultural Evolution life history & other data for human foragers. Compiled and curated by Rob Walker at U of Missouri
AnAge Database life history data for over 4,000 species

DATA locomotion
Kinematics & Energetics goats, dogs, bonobos, chimpanzees, and humans (excel file, 12/18/13). For human data, subjects gave informed consent prior to data collection, including consent to have their data published anonymously in an online database.
High Speed Videos for locomotor & biomechanics analysis and general enjoyment. Check back often as we add more species.

DATA fossils & skeletons: measurements
Humans, Apes & Fossil Hominins mostly limb measurements (excel file, 8/20/13)
Human Origins Database craniodental measurements of extant apes & humans and fossil hominins
PRIMO craniodental measurements of living and fossil primates (requires free registration)
Howell's Craniometric Dataset compiled and curated by Ben Auerbach at U of Tennessee
Goldman Osteological Data Set human postcranial data taken by Ben Auerbach at U of Tennessee
Cranial Nonmetric Traits Database curated by Nancy Ossenberg at Queens University, Canada

IMAGES & INFO comparative & fossil anatomy: photos & more
African examine, download, and print 3D models of important fossil. Print your own casts!
eSkeletons examine and compare skeletal elements from humans, apes & other primates
Talk Origins photos and basic info on most of the major hominin fossils
Wikipedia Hominin Fossil Table photos and basic info on most of the major hominin fossils

DATA geology & geospatial data
Hadar Geoinformatics Project GIS datasets from the famous Australopithecus afarensis site

DATA general
DRYAD clearing house for data from publications of all stripes is produced by Herman Pontzer, an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Hunter College and the City University of New York. His research focuses on biomechanics and energetics of humans, apes, and fossil hominins. For more on his research, check out his lab website.

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